Here’s What I Learnt in MBAE !

HostAStay Management Training (aka MBA Express, aka MBAE) was an intensive training by the top management of HostAStay which lasted for 60 days.

MBA (Master Business Administration) is not necessary for one’s life.  People usually choose MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) to have more career avenue and opportunity to get higher salaries in future. But for a person who needs to be successful in managerial, I think this is quite necessary after I’ve joined with this short course by past 2 months. In fact, there are more advantage on self-development in this course.

So now, let’s see what are the benefits that I got from MBAE!

  1. Ownership

    I learnt the importance of ownership when each of us holds the responsibilities of a C-Level position within the group. We do not wait for things to happen or any orders to be given. In each discussion, each and everyone in the group would have to voice out our opinions and feedback in line with our objectives. We need to be proactive and take initiative, and always be ready to help out the teammate who is in need.

  2. Time Management

    It is a huge challenge when our daily task is overlapping with our MBAE project throughout the 60 days. Self discipline is  crucial to manage the time and responsibilities of both ends. I learnt to be more effective and organize during and after work hours.

    This helped me to get more things done is lesser time.

  3. Communication

    During MBAE, we get to work with people from different backgrounds and personalities. This was how my communication skill was being nurtured, to communicate, work and network with the different people to get things done!

  4. Critical Thinking

    Each group were given a business proposal to work on during the training. To complete a full business proposal, we will need to think out of our box. As we do our research and case studies, I find that there were so many things that was new, we then need to be able to link them up together, to make sense of the value proposition that we’re proposing. From here, we developed our critical thinking and analytical thinking skills. These skills helps me manage issues and decision making by understanding the critical side of all aspects.

I believe management training is crucial for those of us who wants to pick up responsibilities in managerial positions. Some people might think that managers are justified based on only their working experience, but there are few other important requirements such as Strategic Planning, Leadership and Soft Skills which are really important too.

from left : YiVen, Shirley, Bella, Alvis, Jayden(advisor), Chee Hong, Norman

In a nutshell, it is not easy to take on a Manager position, but what’s most important is that we need to constantly grow ourselves to become a Leader!

Shirley OJY

Business Value Multiplier

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