Self Service Photography that Attracts Guest!

Are you not getting enough bookings? Perhaps the photos that you’ve taken requires an upgrade!

But that’s the best photos that you’re able to take !? And hiring professional photographers are expensive!

Here are a few Airbnb self service photography pointers for you to take photos that make sense and attractive.

What do potential guest like to see? (show travelers what they want)

  1. Photos of your building exterior x 1
    So that guest is able to recognize the building that your unit is in from the external view.
  2. Photos of your living room x 1-2
    Perhaps 2 angle, 1 that focuses in the house, the other that has a hint of the external view
  3. Photos of your kitchen x 1
    Display the utensils available in the unit
  4. Photos of the dining area x 1-2
    Display the utensils available in the unit
  5. Photos of your bathroom x 0-1
    You don’t need so many photos here, most important thing if you’re posting the bathroom photo, is that it’s super clean, with the shampoos, soap, towel and tissue in the image
  6. Photos of your room
    Each room 1-2 photo should suffice, clear view of the room. If it has an amazing view out, that that photo too!
  7. Some super designer feel photo x 1-2
    Those super zoomed in blurred background photos
  8. As many photos of the surroundings of your units as possible, maybe 5-6
    • Activities
    • Convenience stores
    • Laundry
    • Attractions
    • Some Instagram places
    • There are some host who also added in a simple map of the area

How should you preset your unit before taking the photos?

  1. Set up the place !
    It is crucial to touch up your unit a little bit before taking the photos. Being clean is a definite criteria, however, it’s not enough.

    Flaunt everything that is available in the unit!

    – Set up the towels to make it look classy
    – Set up the bed so that it looks comfy
    – Place all the plates, bowls, wine glasses, cutlery nicely on the dining table (add in some flowers too if you have)
    – Mini pillows on the sofa
    – Nicely tie up the curtains
    – These are a few of my favorite things

  2. Curtains up!

    Refrain from using camera FLASH!

    Put up the curtains, let the natural lights in. Arrange the photography session during day time. Also turn on all the lights in the room. It’ll set an amazing vibe into the room.

  3. CLEAN !!
    ’nuff said..

Now we start taking photos

This part is going to be tough to explain, maybe I’ll write another post on this. But for your convenience, here are a few tips and hacks for you.

  1. Photo Orientation – Horizontal 
    Vertical photos are not recommended, unless you reallllllyyyy have to.
  2. Use the Grid Lines function in your phone or camera 
    Photos with walls or floors that appear on angles looks distorted, try to align the vertical and horizontal lines.
  3. Refer to other listing photos that you like. 

Here are some pictures that are pretty amazing by one of our host… Plan A Signature

These are just the basics on how and what photos to take for you units to attract guest. There are many more amazing listings with amazing photos. You may slowly scroll through them and see what other reference that you can use for your inspiration.

Spend sometime to have fun with photography!

Jayden Lee

Short Stay Performance Specialist