I found my leadership definition and WHY in this training!

On the 1st of July 2019, I participated in MBA Express (aka. MBAE), a management training course organized by the top management of HostAStay Berhad along with an estimated of 20+ other participants.

These 2 months course is to prepare the employees with the necessary knowledge to become managers in the future.

This management training ended with proposal & individual exam. 

During this past few months, one of the knowledge I learnt was writing a business proposal for management approval.

Each step is important, as we need to understand what our company stands for while the vision and mission must be aligned with it.

Understand the problem of the target audience and what is the unique value proposition that would pique the interest of the prospect. The work plan solution which can solve client problems and bring value for them. After that, by planning the cost structure, I had gained basic knowledge to prepare a budget. 

Next, I learnt Blitzscaling organization scale in which every organization are differentiated into few states such as Family, Tribe, Village, City and Nation. This module helps me to understand HostAStay’s state. Not only that, based on the organization focus, I had learnt that each level of organization scale will have different focus such as people, product and others. 

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Finally, I learnt to always ask “WHY”. This word may seem simple, but it took a lot of time to understand and prepare.

During this course, what impacted me the most as an employee or person is at first session, when I was learning “reverse engineering”. Every person’s definition of a good leadership is different, what good leader means to me “understand the path and be the guidance or pillar for the team member”. As an example, during the event, every team was given a task to finish within a period while the environment was chaotic. During my turn, due to the lack of confidence and confusing environment, I almost gave up, but my CEO guided us step by step and gave us strong moral support. In the end, we succeeded. Due to these, I am clear to the type of leadership I want to develop, which is a people-oriented leader who the team can depend on, providing guidance in skill set of work and moral support as well. 

Another takeaway for this MBAE was during the Retrospective, which all of us wrote a secret letter to each member in the team. The words I received from my team members, basically all mention the same thing which makes me realize what I need to change and WHY it is important. What impact me was not because everyone mentioned the same weakness but was because everyone being supportive and gave positive feedback to let me overcome my weakness. Here we can analyse how important a review in every team and give positive feedback rather than using harsh words. 

I was blessed for having great teammates. Great teammates are selfless, who all focus to help the team to be successful. They hold themselves and their teammates accountable.

from left : Alan, Daniel, Vivien, JT(advisor), Kong, Karine

Patricia Frip once said,

“A team is a group of people who may not be equal in experience, talent or education but in commitment”.

In conclusion, what I had experienced with MBAE Kaizen team, is the kind of team I want to build with my current team in HostPlatform! And from the culture that is being embodied here in HostAStay, along with the constant learning, nurturing and openness to feedback, I’m proud and grateful that I’m able to grow together with this family now and more years to come.

Daniel Liew

Customer Experience Advocate

Host Platform Sdn Bhd is wholely own subsidiary of HostAStay Berhad

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