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We’re Recruiting!

Young. Professional. Elite. These are the 3 words that we would use to describe current and potential talents in HostAStay (HAS). HAS Operations (O ps) team applies our own rendition of swift and agile thinking in all of our work and processes. We are tactful, realistic, resilient, on the go, and most of all, we work […]

Property Investment Revolution #820

20th August 2017, Property Investment Revolution Event, Founder and CEO of HostAStay, Mr Jordan Oon sharing on How Do You Maximize Your Property’s Investment Income to over 284% of rental ! The key catalyst of starting a Short-Stay Management Platform is because we can observe that there are more and more overhang properties in the […]

Between the sheets – why good linen matters

Mums are full of advice: work less, eat more, drink less, save more. While we probably all honed our selective hearing skills before we flew the nest, there’s one pearl of wisdom from our youths that cements the fact that mums really do know best – a good night’s sleep is invaluable. So, what makes a good […]

5 tips to decorate your home for Airbnb

You’ve heard the phrase looks can be deceiving? Well, your future Airbnb guests don’t agree. When deciding which city pad to pick for their holiday, guests rely heavily on the listing pictures – and they’ve got a discerning eye. That’s why having your home look its best in listing shots (and having it live up […]