Top 3 Smart Home Devices to Improve Your Short-Stay Management

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Be a Smart Host & Choose Smart Home Technology.

Renting out a spare space in your property on Airbnb for short-stays is a great way for you to earn extra income. But, the hassles that comes with it can be a headache to short-stay hosts.

From checking your guests in at inconvenient times to electricity wastage and getting your unit ready for the comfort of your guests, there are many hosts like you who feel troubled by this problems.

So, how can you as a host manage your short-stay units more effectively with less worries? Introducing the top 3 smart home devices you need to ease your management and elevate your burdens.


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#1 – SMART Door Lock

With the SMART Door Lock, you can now worry no more about not being able to meet your guests for check-in or getting your keys lost along the process of check-in and check-out.

You can easily set a one-time password (OTP) for your guests, provide them the code and reset a new password for the next guest. What’s more? With this device, you can remotely lock/unlock the door for your guests with your Smart Home Mobile App – it’s convenient and easy to use.

Bonus: The SMART Door Lock automatically locks the door if your guest forgets about it!


#2 – SMART Circuit Breaker

Electricity wastage by guests is one of the greatest fear by hosts. By connecting the SMART Circuit Breaker to your Smart Home Mobile App, you can now remotely switch off you short-stay units that are accidentally left on by guests. Control electricity consumption at the tips of your fingers!


#3 – SMART Thermostat

Welcome your guests into a comfortable short-stay unit upon check-in with the automatic temperature adjustment. You can remotely adjust the air-conditioning or heating settings of your property you’re your Smart Home Mobile App. If your SMART Thermostat sense a high temperature, it would switch on your air-conditioning with a suitable temperature, so that your guest would sense great comfort the moment they walk into your unit.


Being a short-stay host can be a lucrative job, but it is essential to be constantly on the look-out for the latest technology to ease your burden as a host.

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